Monday, December 5, 2011

I can't move...

So there's this little gym gem of a class called BODYPUMP that will gladly help to point out muscles you didn't know exist....i.e. my entire body aches! The class is an hour long strength/resistance training class using weights. I have another date with BODYPUMP at 5:30 am Tuesday morning. Stoked. Not sure how it's gonna go though, seeing as how I also have a gym date tonight with my friend Leeann! Anywho...if you want more info, here's a link for BODYPUMP!

Fortunately, the soreness didn't set in until way later that night. Which was nice because I got to enjoy Blake's men's club Christmas party! So much fun! And my baby did a wonderful job of decorating all by himself :) See....oh, stupid phone likes to delete random pictures. I'm furious!

But a few good pics managed to stick around (thank goodness)! Like this one of Leeann and I!

I got new jewelry to wear to the party and I am obsessed with my new stack rings! I can NEVER find rings to fit my size 4 fingers...fortunately the TJ Maxx gods are on my side :)
{ p.s. awesome penny bar, right!? }'s all the good lookin guys in the men's club! 

And I can't forget to mention how sweet they all are, as well! The Christmas party was not only an excuse to all get together and be fancy...but to coordinate what gifts needed to be bought for the family of a single father and his kids that we're all sponsoring this Christmas! Everyone deserves a little holiday cheer and I'm so proud of our men for deciding to bring some happiness to complete strangers <3

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