Monday, December 5, 2011

I can't move...

So there's this little gym gem of a class called BODYPUMP that will gladly help to point out muscles you didn't know exist....i.e. my entire body aches! The class is an hour long strength/resistance training class using weights. I have another date with BODYPUMP at 5:30 am Tuesday morning. Stoked. Not sure how it's gonna go though, seeing as how I also have a gym date tonight with my friend Leeann! Anywho...if you want more info, here's a link for BODYPUMP!

Fortunately, the soreness didn't set in until way later that night. Which was nice because I got to enjoy Blake's men's club Christmas party! So much fun! And my baby did a wonderful job of decorating all by himself :) See....oh, stupid phone likes to delete random pictures. I'm furious!

But a few good pics managed to stick around (thank goodness)! Like this one of Leeann and I!

I got new jewelry to wear to the party and I am obsessed with my new stack rings! I can NEVER find rings to fit my size 4 fingers...fortunately the TJ Maxx gods are on my side :)
{ p.s. awesome penny bar, right!? }'s all the good lookin guys in the men's club! 

And I can't forget to mention how sweet they all are, as well! The Christmas party was not only an excuse to all get together and be fancy...but to coordinate what gifts needed to be bought for the family of a single father and his kids that we're all sponsoring this Christmas! Everyone deserves a little holiday cheer and I'm so proud of our men for deciding to bring some happiness to complete strangers <3

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pinterest Top 10

Ok, so the other day I said I might start doing this each week and I figured, "what better way to kick it off, than with a holiday edition on December 1st!?" I know some critics may be rolling there eyes at people starting Christmas festivities so early in December, but at least Thanksgiving is over! So here it goes...a special holiday edition of my weekly Pinterest top 10!

#1- Christmas cake pops

Because cake pops are amazing, Christmas is around the corner, and because cake pops are amazing

#2- Glitter tipped nails

glitter = holidays. duh.

#3- Berry monogram wreath

I like simple, pretty, and classic. This is all three!

#4- Bringing nature in

So, how cheap would THIS be!? :)

#5- Chocolate covered pretzel sticks

These are incredibly easy and kid craft mom and I used to make these when I was little.

#6- Holiday cocktails


#7- The little black dress
The LBD is a staple in any girls wardrobe. Perfect for all those holiday parties!
This one is one of the most stunning ones I've found!

#8- Christmas pringles Cookies
So yummy!

#9- Crochet ear warmer
I want one of these SO bad! Adorable!

#10- Scarf ties
Scarves are a must this season! I personally have always loved them.
Here's some variations of how to tie them so you don't get bored :)

Alrighty, then...there ya go. Hope I didn't disappoint anyone with my super awesome new post. Have a happy first day of December! <3

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to open a pomegranate

Well, it's pomegranate season again :) I'm pretty excited! Pomegranates have so many great health benefits, not to mention they are extremely delicious. Unfortunately, they are insanely difficult to open! I've had my fair share of mishaps with this lovely fruit while trying to perfect my methods over the years. There are a few details in the forms of warnings through out the tutorial, ha. So for the pom fans out's my version of how to open one!

Supplies you'll need:
  • pomegranate
  • sharp knife (I prefer a serrated one)
  • parchment paper or a plastic cutting board
  • large bowl of cold water
  • paper towels or a cloth you don't mind staining
  • colander

First step is to spread out some parchment paper. I like to use parchment paper because it makes for easy clean-up and also because I have a wooden cutting board, which would stain. So, a plastic cutting board would be fine.

Cut your pomegranate straight down the middle from top (where the crown is) to bottom. Do NOT try to pull it apart once you get the cut started or you will end up with lots of things splattered with pomegranate juice! Trust me, my wall knows....

It will look like you are killing someone...just's ok :)

It's so pretty once you have it open! But it's deadly to white clothes (fav Moosejaw shirt = expensive new cleaning cloth)!

Place one of the halves into the pot of water. Opening a pomegranate under water does two things: one, it keeps it from squirting everywhere  if  when some of the arils pop. And two, it helps to separate the pith from the arils. The arils will sink and the pith will float. So once you're done separating the two, you can skim all the pith off the top and chunk it. Keep the pomegranate COMPLETELY SUBMERGED while working to get the arils out. Gently loosen the arils with your fingertips. The pomegranate will easily break into more manageable sections if you need to. It's a delicate fruit, but don't be it whose boss!

Once you have separated all of the pith and arils from both halves of the pomegranate, skim the pith of the top (I just use my hands, but you could use a small strainer). Pour the water with the arils into a colander and shake to remove excess water. Lay out paper towels or a cloth you don't care about (or a Moosejaw shirt, whatever) to pour the arils onto. Gently roll them around with your hands to dry them off a bit.
After all your hard work and dedication (which will take about 20 mins) you finally get to enjoy this delicious fruit! Go you!

Hope you found this helpful! <3

gym rat restart

After what seems like forever of my fiance telling promising me he would get me a membership at the FINALLY happened! YES! I was such a gym rat when I had a membership at the university gym and I am more than ready to be one again! Especially after getting all soft from not being in the gym for almost 4 months. Gross. So I've been 2 days in a row and I am insano sore. It feels awesome! Late night workout last night...women's area was pretty empty...which is even more awesome.


On another note, not racing this wknd. Baking cupcakes for a party instead...complete opposite of running my ass off.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So I started this blog with the intentions of having a following that would make me more apt to post about life/crafts/food/etc...unfortunately, my life isn't that interesting. I find it difficult to transfer humor from real life to blogging. So sad. However, I suppose the first step would be to blog more often! Ha.

Coming soon: update on Blake's Men's Club Christmas party/fundraiser, recipe deliciousness, results of 5K that's this Saturday....that's about it.

Also, I'm considering doing like a Pinterest top 10 list each week...maybe on Wednesdays? I dunno...something to keep me blogging and to keep it interesting! :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

So during the week, I keep the cutest twins! Presley is the girl and Tatum is the boy. Last week we had a mini photo, fun, fun! Even though they can be a little a little can't help but love those precious little faces!

Also, my favorite part about this time of year is the sunsets I get to watch off our back porch :)

Lastly, I am extremely excited to know that I can now have a dog under the following stipulations: I have a job (a "real" one), and we own our own home (no rentals). It may be a while...but, YAY! In the mean time, I'll just have to snuggle w/ our friends' dogs...this is Bailey. She's a sweetheart! 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekends are better with friends

This weekend was super busy...but tons of fun!

Friday: We went out downtown for food, fun, and drinks. I played matchmaker between our friend Tyler and our's been a few days and my matchmaking skills are proving to be a success so far :)

Saturday: Went to Atlantic Station for some sushi and shopping with Abbi and Kelly. We've been trying to get together for a while...but being grown-up makes matching free time in your schedules a PAIN! Time flew by way too quickly...need a date w/ those chicas again really soon!

Kelly, Abbi, and I

That night, Blake and I went to a birthday party. Paris Luna (a local band) played on a stage in the back yard and it was awesome! She's currently working on recording a new album and I'm pretty excited about it! She's sort of country/pop...but there's even a dub-step remix floating around out there! Haha! Anyways, you should check her's the link to her homepage:

Sunday: Sunday may have been the best :) Kirbey, Holly, and I ran in the Autumn Run 5K. The course had some killer hills, but it was still a blast! Kirbo got 3rd and Holly got 2nd in their age division. I got 1st in mine! Gotta give props to Kirbey and Holly for having better times than me though! Then we gorged on Mellow Mushroom...mmmm!

 Kirbs, me, and Holly before the race.
 Yay, me! I've never placed 1st in a race :)
Hols and I w/ our medals! So lame they didn't give medals for 3rd...Kirbey did great!