Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekends are better with friends

This weekend was super busy...but tons of fun!

Friday: We went out downtown for food, fun, and drinks. I played matchmaker between our friend Tyler and our's been a few days and my matchmaking skills are proving to be a success so far :)

Saturday: Went to Atlantic Station for some sushi and shopping with Abbi and Kelly. We've been trying to get together for a while...but being grown-up makes matching free time in your schedules a PAIN! Time flew by way too quickly...need a date w/ those chicas again really soon!

Kelly, Abbi, and I

That night, Blake and I went to a birthday party. Paris Luna (a local band) played on a stage in the back yard and it was awesome! She's currently working on recording a new album and I'm pretty excited about it! She's sort of country/pop...but there's even a dub-step remix floating around out there! Haha! Anyways, you should check her's the link to her homepage:

Sunday: Sunday may have been the best :) Kirbey, Holly, and I ran in the Autumn Run 5K. The course had some killer hills, but it was still a blast! Kirbo got 3rd and Holly got 2nd in their age division. I got 1st in mine! Gotta give props to Kirbey and Holly for having better times than me though! Then we gorged on Mellow Mushroom...mmmm!

 Kirbs, me, and Holly before the race.
 Yay, me! I've never placed 1st in a race :)
Hols and I w/ our medals! So lame they didn't give medals for 3rd...Kirbey did great!


  1. Was Blake impressed with your medal? Can't wait for the next race!

  2. That, he was! I can't wait either!